• Tracy & Jackson

    Love your professionalism…Love your caring… Love the way you transform me…Love you!xoxo

  • Vickey & Deon

    Thank you for making me fabulous on my special day.
    It was one of the happiest days of my life! I am so happy you were able to be a part of it all.
    Good luck and all the best with the new addition!! Love, Vickey

  • Michelle & Cliff

    The most important thing on a wedding day is to have a makeup artist to make u look perfect!
    Searching for the right makeup artist is like searching for your soulmate, is might be a bit of exaggeration, but certainly not an understatement.
    This is an important step, because you need to figure out what look you want and that your makeup artist is on the same page.
    Every girl wants a perfect wedding, so it is no surprise that I would dream about it and asked myself "How will I look on my wedding day?"
    Lu, you have definitely made my dream come true! I was over the moon and speechless after witnessing myself in the mirror after your "magical touch".
    Thank you so much for making me feel like the most stunning bride in the world, the way you made me look filled me with utmost confidence throughout my special day!

  • Vinus & Warren

    There are a few things that I couldn't forget on my big day
    1. the happiest moment in my life for sure.. yes,I found my Mr.Right!
    2. my wedding gown…the moment I tried it on…"that's it!"
    3. my hair style…you hardly see anyone getting a fringe wedding look…I just love it!
    4. …I always dream of having that kinda smoky and bling bling eyes…came true under your hands…
    5. the different looks that you've made me, matches perfectly with all the dresses…Lu, you've made my day!...feel like a super model!

  • Jasmine & Eric

    Thank you so much for the fresh and natural makeover you did for my wedding.
    I still can't believe the transformation. I am not used to wearing a lot of make-up so I was concerned I would end up looking too overdone.
    During my trial, Lu listened patiently to my needs and guilded me to a look that was both appropriate to me and the occasion.
    I will definitely recommend her to my friends. Lu, you are very talented!

  • Anna & Martin

    We were extremely nervous on our big day.
    Both of us had lack of confidence to be the focus in front of our friends and family.
    Lu rescued us as she stepped in the changing room. Being our make-up artist, she did not only brighten up our faces but also lightened up our confidence.
    We felt the sincere caring from her professional service and support.
    Lu, thanks for being there with us.

  • Freda & Rafael

    Our wedding anniversary just passed.
    Lu, thank you for helping us on our wedding. You have given us pleasant memories.
    We went through the wedding photos just a couple days ago and were still amazed on our look you gave us.
    From pre-wedding to the big day, you were the best magician in our heart. All the best!